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Subaru Gains Class Win in Nurburgring 24 Hour Race

I post the above for those that insist that Subaru is no longer relevant in motorsports.  Subaru certainly isn’t the only manufacturer in the SP3T class.  Thanks to for the above article.

Note that the SP3T class requires 2.0L or less in engine displacement, as well.  They’re using the EJ207 as a base in their NBR race cars, which doesn’t represent USDM but is nonetheless one of their core engines.  This also means that this car will not be competing with the Focus RS, as the RS is using a larger displacement engine (2.3L, I believe).  I mention this because several people insist that the RS can do better…it so, it’ll have to step down in displacement to prove that…that’s certainly not going to happen, because they’d have to either homogenize a 2.0L version of the car and then step down.  Or, Subaru would have to use the 2.5L variant of the EJ, which would put them in the same class as the Focus RS would race within (that’s not going to happen, either).

Subaru Isle of Man – Fast Lap

Higgins’s flying lap record attempt in a Subaru WRX STI is a recently-established tradition. Historically, the TT is a bikes-only event. But Subaru is a major sponsor of the annual two-week racing festival, and Higgins, born and raised on the Isle of Man, is deeply respected in the Manx motorsports world.

This is a significant quote of the article if you’ve been hearing that these attempts are nothing because Isle of Man people only care about motorcycling.  I’m pretty sure they care about Higgins just as well as the event itself and history of the event.  People that think that the time was slow need to understand that if the time was related to a motorcycle, it would’ve been a qualifying time (ie, it’s running as fast as many of the motorcycles that attend the events).  Trivializing the feats is just ridiculous.  IMO, the only people that can legitimately criticize the runs are people that have driven their cars at an equal or faster pace at the Isle of Man while also using a 4-wheeled vehicle.  And just because other car makers haven’t run their cars in the event, doesn’t make the feats any less significant.  Nothing is stopping other car manufacturers from attempting the same, right?

As well, I’ve heard such comments as, “A Z06 or Ferrari 458 Italia can equal the feat”.  I highly doubt that, as neither of those will have the AWD advantage to  go balls-out like Higgins has been doing.  There is no run-off, the streets are bumpy and not designed with speed in mind, yet the Higgins has no problem running the Subaru quickly and without mishap on those streets.  Another AWD car (probably of similar genre) would be the better choice.  I’ve actually love to see other manufacturers run the Isle of Man!

2015 Radical RXC – Race Car For The Streets


2015 Radical RXC

Awesome!  If I didn’t have kids (and to send all three of them to college)…

If you want the V-6 in your Ford Mustang to work harder, you could fit hotter cams and larger valves. Or you could sling it behind your head and clothe it in Le Mans-lookalike bodywork. How about 1985 pounds of curb weight and an equal dose of downforce, a power-to-weight ratio that dusts a Ford Shelby GT500 and a 0-60 mph time of 2.7 seconds? Yeah, that’d do it. That, in a nutshell, is the Radical RXC. Built in the United Kingdom, the RXC is now available in the U.S. The really radical bit is that it will be street legalized on an individual basis.

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ReBlog – Subaru’s Unsuccessful Stint In Formula 1

In the world of rallying, Subaru occupy the upper echelon of success.  A storied history that spanned multiple decades saw World Rally Championships for the likes of Colin McRae and Petter Solberg.

I saw this on another blogger’ site. This is a very interesting article, as I had no idea that Subaru participated in F1, short-winded stint as it was.

Subaru did not do so well in F1…it seems that maybe their expectations weren’t realistic or maybe they didn’t understand the full undertaking of such a project.

Subaru UK to attempt to set new lap record at Isle of Man TT course

+Subaru UK has announced plans to attempt to set a new lap record at the Isle of Man TT course with the 2015 #WRX #STI.

Set to be driven by British rally champion Mark Higgins, the model will attempt beat the previous record of 19 minutes and 56.7 seconds. That particular record was set by Higgins in the previous-generation WRX STI in 2011.

As a refresher, the 2015 WRX STI has turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that develops 227kw and 393nm of torque. It is connected to a six-speed manual transmission and a symmetrical all-wheel drive system.

While Subaru says the car is a standard production model, it will be equipped with retuned springs and dampers to “minimize any potential damage when the car encounters the many bumps – and jumps – at high speed along the course.” The model will also be outfitted with a roll-cage, a racing harness and a fire suppression system.

According to Higgins, “Setting the record was totally exhilarating and one of the highlights of my career – Bray Hill certainly added to the thrill! As a Manxman, I love the TT Races and I have a huge amount of respect for the TT riders and what they do. It will be a real honor to attempt a new fastest car lap.” (WorldCarFans)

Bucky Lasek Picks Five Speed Demons To Go On A Ride

Video topic: Bucky Lasek picks five speed demons to go on a ride they’ll never forget, in one unforgettable car. Which car is it? The 2015 WRX!

The video is also linked here.

GT86 with 2JZ engine – Quarter-mile run

I saw this on G+ and when I read the initial caption, I immediately said to myself, that’s not a GT86…

It is, but in shell only, as it has a 2JZ engine (Toyota Supra). When you start swapping engines, your car is no longer what it once was.

As well, the video was rather boring…it had two minutes of fat that shoudld’ve been trimmed by the author (mostly drag strip posturing/posing). The car ran a low 10-sec quarter-mile, but I expected it to, with a modified 2JZ.

FFR 818 Anyone?

So, everyone is aware that there are Shelby Cobra kit cars, right? Well, Factory Five Racing has several kit car models but the 818 is the most recent. It is a very light-weight two-seater that is uses Subaru WRX parts (engine, suspension, brakes and such…). The 818 is the approximate weight of the vehicle in kilograms, which is roughly 1,800 lb (weight per build may vary since some people customize their builds).  They offer a street build and a racing build.

Here’s an recent article about the 818 below: