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Leaked picture of the 2015 STI?

Leaked picture of the 2015 STI?

One question…where’s the park bench wing??

Another question: no quad exhausts (which the 2015 WRX has)???

Is the 2015 Subaru WRX Refreshing or Revolting?

Motor Trend Magazine
Is the 2015 #Subaru WRX Refreshing or Revolting?

Ptuning – Dyno sessions

Ughh… In researching to see how much Ptuning charges for dyno tuning sessions, I found that they charge between $500-$750. They also have retuning sessions priced at $400 (the car must have previously been tuned by them). Simple dyno pull sessions are $95 for AWD cars.

Kinda high…I thought the average price for dyno tuning was well under $500. I’ll continue to look around.

EDIT: MachV has a dyno and charges for tuning and dyno runs. They charge $500 (flat rate) for a Cob ProTune session. Baseline dyno session is $100/hr.

Also found that Curry’s Auto Service in Chantilly, VA, has a dyno…that is documented here, but the thread (on NASIOC) is old. I’ll have to validate if that Curry’s location still offers dyno services and in what capacity.

Additionally, iAG Performance (located in Gaithersburg, MD) charges $500 and provides up to 2 hours of AWD dyno tuning.

444 whp / 388 ft-lb from a built internals EJ257!