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Mazda RX-7 Returns for 2017 with 450-hp Turbo Rotary?

Motoring is reporting that a new Mazda sports car will arrive in 2017 with a turbocharged rotary engine making around 450 hp.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a return of the rotary. Way back in 2011, when the rotary-powered Mazda RX-8 was going out of production, we reported that a next-generation rotary engine could appear by 2017. This corroborates Motoring’s story, who say that this new, small-displacement turbocharged rotary would make its way into a new Mazda sports car that will likely be called the Mazda RX-7. In 2013, we reported that a new RX-8 replacement could arrive by 2017 with direct fuel injection — so long as Mazda had already bolstered its profits by selling more mainstream cars.

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Note:  I’m iffy on if some of these manufactures should delve in the past.  After seeing hints of what the NSX could be, I keep thinking that when these older cars were first designed and sold, they had certain goals in mind:  high performance, affordable, lightweight, great handling dynamics.  When we see these cars being brought back to life in today’s world, they’re usually unattainable by the masses, ultra-complicated, heavy, and while having great handling dynamics, it usually isn’t because of the suspension alone (it’s usually tied to a computer).  IMO, that’s not good.  This is why I’ve always loved the simplicity of the Subaru BRZ.  You have all that in a tiny car that was designed to give the driver/owner enjoyment…there’s no need for 300HP, or sophisticated systems to assist the driver in having fun.  I’m pretty sure the next RX-7 won’t be such a car.

2015 Radical RXC – Race Car For The Streets


2015 Radical RXC

Awesome!  If I didn’t have kids (and to send all three of them to college)…

If you want the V-6 in your Ford Mustang to work harder, you could fit hotter cams and larger valves. Or you could sling it behind your head and clothe it in Le Mans-lookalike bodywork. How about 1985 pounds of curb weight and an equal dose of downforce, a power-to-weight ratio that dusts a Ford Shelby GT500 and a 0-60 mph time of 2.7 seconds? Yeah, that’d do it. That, in a nutshell, is the Radical RXC. Built in the United Kingdom, the RXC is now available in the U.S. The really radical bit is that it will be street legalized on an individual basis.

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Import Tuner Article – The Truth Behind The Subaru EJ-Series Engines

Subtitled, “Are they as weak as tuners claim?”

Subaru engines have always been known to be well engineered that are both powerful and torquey, but Subaru engineers left a lot to be desired when it came to the EJ205 (’02 to’05 USDM WRX), EJ255 (USDM WRX ’06 to present) and EJ257 (’04 to’07 USDM WRX STi) turbocharged models. This month, we get in-depth with three of the top Subaru tuners in the world, as they help dispel myths and speak their minds about the infamous EJ-series engine.

Mod Notes – this is a great read.  It’s not too technical but technical enough to give you an appreciation of the Boxer engine layout.  I found the article posted at (titled, “defend against ringland failure”)…this is a Subaru owner must-read, IMO.