Cold Air Intakes by Nameless Performance

 Nameless Performance Cold Air Intakes for 2008+ WRX/STIs, coming January 2014.





After seeing this FB post, I’ve decided to purchase a Cobb AP and this intake (provided it is reasonably priced, ie $200 or so).  I’m actually still on the fence about the AP purchase, but looking at that FB post and the dyno chart posted by Nameless, the gains are really strong (9HP and 34TQ, peak measurements), you can’t really argue with that.  And Nameless even posted a chart awhile back that showed similar gains with just the damned axleback…crazy.  Add the Nameless axleback, the intake, and a safe but good protune, and I’d be close to 300TQ and maybe 260HP.  And I suppose if I get in over my head (I’ve done the modding game before…after awhile, it got tiresome, and that was before my kids arrived), I can always remove the bolt-ons and revert to an OTS (or run stage 1 without mods & with safe protone, which would still give me gains).

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