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So, I posted earlier today about the possibly leaked photos of the 2015 Subaru STI.

I decided to cheat and try to find more information.  What I did was take a saved image of one of the leaked photos and submit it for a Google image search.  This article popped up.  Note that it is a Japanese article.  I asked the browser to translate it and here’s what I got (as an image caption):

The figure is clearly the new Subaru WRX STI, due to the leakage image

Appearance of new “Subaru WRX STI” Subaru expected to debut at the 2014 North American International Auto Show kicks off January 13, was revealed by an image that has flowed out before a formal announcement. And performance of the WRX STI is still unknown at this time. It is said in the news-based, four-cylinder turbo engine capacity 2.5L horizontally opposed to exert maximum output 300hp is also to be installed. [Source: Autoforum.Cz ]

So, it appears this may be an actual leak of an official photo.

As well, check out the source within the quote.  This comes from a Czech site and that site also had to be translated.  I clicked on it and it offers some further insight (not sure if it’s credible or not).

As we have previously advised , Subaru will present their offers sporty top model WRX STi, already for a few days at the Detroit Auto Show. Already you about it but we can say more, or more precisely to show you more. Leaked photos depict Japanese news from all sides, even though not surprising, meet expected here worth digging – new WRX STi has over traditionally aggressive look, a giant rear wing, classic blue paint and gold wheels. But I’m not entirely sure how this will be very close to the standard version.

What’s under the hood of the new STi, still do not know exactly. Earlier information indicated that the new STi had once again have the 2.5 H4 turbo engine with direct injection, probably again with an output of around 300 hp, paper consumption numbers but perhaps a little fall.Assuming you can reduce weight, chassis modification and other minor modifications that should improve driveability and maneuverability of the machine.

More information already fans may not completely thrilled, but fortunately it is not just speculation: STi could get a dual-clutch gearbox controlled by paddles on the steering wheel.If that happens, hopefully the Japanese chooses a similar procedure as in the WRX model , which in addition to CVT offers good old manual six stages.

Images which can be found below, although originally official, however, to take the pictures you like for detailed information about this eagerly anticipated machine will have to wait at NAIAS in Detroit motor show, the gates will be opened on Monday, 13 January. Perhaps but Subaru tells us more about a few more days earlier.


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