For those who think that their WRXs and STIs don’t need appropriate tires…

Here ya go!

The forum thread includes pictures.

The OP states:

was heading to work, we had just got about 3″ of snow… coming into a turn, only the car didnt turn it went straight. Took out 4 aluminum poles about 3″ in diameter concreted in the ground, which explains the right rear wheel tucking up in the body. they were some cheap a** tires that came on the car when i bought it…

Anyway ended up hitting head on with a telephone pole…

Someone asked him:

Did you have snow tires on?

And the OP stated:

… I did not have snow tires on. Probably would have been a different out come if i did.

And there it is, folks.  There are several other similar posts this winter about the same topic (someone wrecked their car because they didn’t have the right tires or were trying to get by with the summers).

Yes, I know it sucks for this guy and I’m not making light of his situation, but everyone can learn from this and spin it as a positive.


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