2015 WRX, Why No Hatch? – Automobile Magazine

I continue to see bickering and arguments (and just general piss-tivity) over the fact that Subaru nixed the hatch for 2015.  So, here’s a documented reason.  Note that I’ve posted articles stating some reasons before, but I haven’t posted this particular reason (or article):

One big change that might upset some of the faithful is that Subaru is dropping the hatchback. It’s an unexpected move given that the hatchback/sedan split has been running about fifty/fifty. Subaru product planners explain that they had to sacrifice the second body style in order to get the greater degree of differentiation from the Impreza that they were seeking with the new WRX.

Read more @ http://www.automobilemag.com/reviews/driven/1403_2015_subaru_wrx_review/

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