Jalopnik Reviews 2015 WRX!

So, I discovered a recent review of the 2015 WRX by Jalopnik. It was an ‘okay’ review…read as a bit amateurish, IMO. There were a few comments I didn’t like (I left responses), such as, “this car looks boring” when they were discussing the Detroit Auto Show debut. When all you have to do is look at cars on display, that whole day can be boring, no matter what you’re looking at.

The review is here. I linked it because I’ve linked many others as well, but to be honest, this really wasn’t an exceptional review…it’s not that the car was “boring”, but more that the author’s comments weren’t really descriptive. They really didn’t test anything about the car…they just drove it around in snow for a week and commented on that experience. Meh…that’s not what I look for in reviews.

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