STI-specific Walbro Fuel Pump

So, I’m currently conducting research on the parts I want to install before I go to get tuned.  One of the parts is a Walbro 255LPH fuel pump.

In my quest of knowledge, I decided to check several import shops for this part.  I found this link.  It’s a $98 part that comes with an install kit.  It also has a customer review section on that page.  There are several reviews that mention that the factory housing had to be modified a bit for it to fit.  Dunno if I like that, but if I can understand what area of the housing needed grinding, I can fortify myself with that knowledge when the time comes for me to swap out the stock part with the Walbro.

One of the reviews also stated that the install kit was a waste of money and wasn’t needed.  He’s probably right, as I remember doing a direct swap when I bought a Walbro for my Talon back in the day…it was a direct swap and no install kit was needed then, either.  This link is the Walbro without the install kit.  it also has a linked video (which I’ll embed in this post) and a review that states there are YouTube videos that show how to modify/grind the factory housing.



That video was LONG and INVOLVED! Good grief. I don’t remember the Talon’s swap being that complicated. The video didn’t show the modding of the housing but did state that IWSTI had a write-up in their How-To section about modifying the housing. I looked for it and found it here.

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  1. Harry

    Great blog! Even though this post is 2 months old, you can consider the DW65c which is a direct swap to oem. No need to mod the housing.


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