Road and Track – Dyno Tested: 2015 Subaru WRX vs. 2015 Subaru STI

The article doesn’t really allude to much more than what’s depicted on the dyno charts.

The STI has the higher peak numbers, but the WRX pretty much overshadows the STI on the charts. It makes power much quicker than the STI (due to it’s twin scroll turbocharger and equal length headers/manifolds, more than likely). This tells me that the WRX will be easier to drive day-to-day. The dyno charts actually look a bit disturbing, as the WRX surely lords it over the STI on those charts.

And what’s ridiculous are the peak torque measurements for the WRX:  It’s making more torque than the STI and at a lower RPM:  245 lb-ft @ 3850 rpm vs 243 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm.  Is the STI experiencing parasitic drain due to it’s diffs? It had a 32 lb-ft advantage per the manufacturer’s crank measurement…that just disappeared.

And then you see the 5-60 MPH (rolling start) test results for both: WRX- 7.0, STI – 7.1.  That’s the more telling measurement.  It shows that the power-to-weight ratio isn’t really all that good, when compared to other cars in their price ranges.

The STI does the 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, while the WRX lays down a 5.2 result. For the quarter-mile, the STI runs a 13.3 @ 102 MPH; the WRX runs a 13.7 @ 99.5. And what’s really funny is the top speed for both: both are electronically limited, with the STI topping out at 155 and the WRX topping out at 174 (I’m pretty positive that’s a typo).  EDIT:  R&T stated the following — “That line, in fact, was supposed to be cut from the final draft entirely. Editing snafu. We’re putting in a strikethrough and adding a notation. Thanks for pointing this out, guys.”

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A teaser article is here and pertains to de-winging an STI (this is not new news…there are many de-wing threads on STI and WRX forums on the interwebz).

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