Mods, mods, mods…

Today, after much mental debate and procrastination, I pulled the trigger on the parts/mods I’ll need to go Stage 2.

These are the parts I’ll be receiving soon:

Cobb AP v3
Grimmspeed 3 port EBCS
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Nameless Intake
CNT Catted DP
3-inch Downpipe to Factory Cat-Back Exhaust Adapter

I’ll also need to get a new DP gasket, a flat 3″ exhaust gasket, a new donut gasket (the gasket that goes between the DP and midpipe), and longer bolts.

I’ve ordered everything but the EBCS and Walbro FP.  Once I’ve received everything, I’ll have my work cut out for me, because that fuel pump replacement is a 2 hour job at the very least.  The EBCS will be laid out the day before the protune (technically, I don’t need an EBCS, but it may make the tuner’s job easier, as well as making it easier to upgrade later on).  The DP will be installed the weekend before the tune, as well as the Nameless CAI.  Both of those can use the Cobb OTS tune that pertains to the Cobb DP and AEM CAI.

I still need to contact iAG to arrange a consultation and so they can tell me what I need for the protune, as well as to schedule it…I’ll call them after I’ve dealt with the fuel pump and DP.  They’re probably also going to ask me what type of tune I’m looking for, and I haven’t thought a lot on that yet.  I definitely want a safer tune than the stock tune, but I also want power.  I don’t need to be on the ragged edge tune-wise, though.  Basically,  I want as much HP as I can get while staying safe when using premium fuel.

As well, I’ll ensure that the car has been serviced before the protune.  It’s not yet due for an oil change but I’m not going to wait until it’s due.  I just might change the oil myself from now on, since I’ll be adding the DP and CAI…those parts tend to stick out during a dealership service.

This month may be pretty busy for me with the parts flowing in and the installs that I’ll need to do.

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