Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost – 18 PSI Boost Peak w/ Twin Scroll Turbocharger!

The 2.3-liter runs 18 psi of boost (not that you’d know it)

Where the center dash vent would be on a six- or eight-cylinder, the turbo four’s cockpit embeds a pair of blue-over-black dial gauges. Closest to the driver is oil pressure; next over is a boost gauge. We noted a max of 18 psi (a smidge over 1.2 bar) indicated during the test runs; it appeared to taper towards 15 psi at redline.

Torque felt adequate and spool was quick, though we were expecting a little more pep in its step. The soundtrack is in the same spirit as the Focus ST, though with a bit more grunt and sans induction noise—save one section of full-tilt lift into heavy braking, there wasn’t much sneezing and whirling from the 2015 Mustang’s twin-scroll snail.

Still, they seem to be fudging on the peak HP & torque numbers.  I’ve seen 315 – 330 HP and relatively the same in peak torque.  And no, it’s not the same engine as the Lincoln MKC (tune and supporting parts will be totally different).

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