Color-changing LED Turn Signal Bulbs for 2008-2014 WRXs & STIs

These LEDs are pretty cool. It solves the issue of wanting white LED turn signal bulbs but also wanting to stay legal (not having orange turn signals is illegal in many (if not all) states).

The link to order these bulbs is here.

They are normally $59.99 a pair, though. Note that they’re currently marked down to $49.99 for the normal set and $79.99 for the mega-bright set(as of 9/4/2014).

UPDATE:  Note that if you use these LEDs, you’re going to need an LED-capable blinker relay…that’s the case with any upgrade to LEDs.  It can be found here (same site).  The price is $19.99, as of 10/7/2014.

It might be time to update the wish list!

4 thoughts on “Color-changing LED Turn Signal Bulbs for 2008-2014 WRXs & STIs

  1. BlackBearSTi

    Let me know if you decide to get them. I would like to see on your car as we have the same model. At the same time, Im not sure if you swapped out your halogens for LEDs. I did and wondering if it may be too “LED bright” if that makes sense. Thanks.



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