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C&D – New vs. Old: 2013 Porsche Boxster vs. 2005 Acura NSX-T



I like car magazine articles such as this one, because I can relate to the older cars very well, and older cars such as the 2005 NSX are still desirable, even if they’re no longer made.  An excerpt from the article:

Driving a new Acura NSX in 2005 was a bit like trying to text on a Motorola StarTAC. Yes, that was the best mobile phone of the 1990s, but it was hardly the best tool for the job. And yes, Acura had updated the NSX over its life, but by 2005 this aluminum supercar was past its sell-by date. Its V-6 still sounded as good as it did when it arrived in 1990; it was just that the 290-hp NSX couldn’t compete in a streetscape filled with400-hp Corvettes911 Turbos, and AMGs. And certainly not with its $90,000 sticker.

The 2013 Porsche Boxster is a good car to compare the 2005 NSX against, and, surprisingly, the NSX holds it’s own when comparing handling characteristic between the two (and engine comparisons give the NSX the edge, as it appears to have a torque advantage).

The rest of the article is linked below.  I enjoyed this read.