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Mazda RX-7 Returns for 2017 with 450-hp Turbo Rotary?

Motoring is reporting that a new Mazda sports car will arrive in 2017 with a turbocharged rotary engine making around 450 hp.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a return of the rotary. Way back in 2011, when the rotary-powered Mazda RX-8 was going out of production, we reported that a next-generation rotary engine could appear by 2017. This corroborates Motoring’s story, who say that this new, small-displacement turbocharged rotary would make its way into a new Mazda sports car that will likely be called the Mazda RX-7. In 2013, we reported that a new RX-8 replacement could arrive by 2017 with direct fuel injection — so long as Mazda had already bolstered its profits by selling more mainstream cars.

Read more @ http://www.automobilemag.com/features/news/1407-report-mazda-rx-7-returns-for-2017-with-450-hp-turbo-rotary/?sm_id=social_20140711_27635776

Note:  I’m iffy on if some of these manufactures should delve in the past.  After seeing hints of what the NSX could be, I keep thinking that when these older cars were first designed and sold, they had certain goals in mind:  high performance, affordable, lightweight, great handling dynamics.  When we see these cars being brought back to life in today’s world, they’re usually unattainable by the masses, ultra-complicated, heavy, and while having great handling dynamics, it usually isn’t because of the suspension alone (it’s usually tied to a computer).  IMO, that’s not good.  This is why I’ve always loved the simplicity of the Subaru BRZ.  You have all that in a tiny car that was designed to give the driver/owner enjoyment…there’s no need for 300HP, or sophisticated systems to assist the driver in having fun.  I’m pretty sure the next RX-7 won’t be such a car.