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2015 Subaru WRX STI: Everything You Need To Know — AFTER/DRIVE

This is the best 2015 STI review I’ve seen yet.

Why? Because it’s an honest review that explains where the real improvements are and how those real improvements translate into a great track experience.  It discusses things such as the stupid comments about the lack of a hatch…it discusses that issue with tact.  It discusses the active torque vectoring and shows a great example of how such tech helps drivers on track (there’s video footage of it kicking in when a driver is overshooting the apex of a corner).

I really liked how the three guys discussed the car and how they were rational when discussing the differences between the STI and WRX.  They gave solid feedback on why the STI was the overall better buy (not better value buy).

I highly recommend watching this video if you want see an unbiased and frank review.