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2015 Subaru WRX: The Street-Legal Rally Car Gets Sharper


This particular article has some more talk of how Subaru decided to ax the hatch model:

What’s super sad, though, is that people won’t necessarily be buying the new model for its functionality, either – the hatchback bodystyle is dead, and Subaru has no plans to resurrect it. When asked about the decision to kill the five-door, the company’s engineers said that, basically, it came down to money – spend it on making two bodystyles, or pump that cash into the chassis and powertrain development. Subaru would rather have one great-driving car than two that are simply good. I get that logic, but let’s just say I don’t want to be the one to have to explain it to the 50-percent of previous WRX buyers who opted for the more functional, better-looking five-door.

And here’s another paragraph that caught my eye (due to all the whining that the car is ugly):

The WRX has never been a particularly pretty thing, and the new model does nothing to break that trend, despite its decidedly hot concept car roots. Then again, you don’t have to look at the sheet metal while you’re driving (I’ve used this same logic with prior versions of the car), and even Subaru’s executives know that people aren’t buying this thing for its glamor.

Overall, a good review.