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Need A New Y-pipe! :(

Some updates with me:

I’ve been out of work since late April of 2016, as I quit my job.  I’d been in financial limp mode since then.  I’m about to start working again and can resume supporting my hobby activities.

I’ve not driven the car all that much since then.  Before that, I’d taken a trip to Roanoke, VA and back (was doing some remote work there).  There’s maybe 25K miles on the car, but I recently had to look under the car to assess a tire that wouldn’t hold air.  I was shocked at the amount of rust I saw on the Y-pipe…it looks like it’s already allowing air to escape.  So, I need a new Y-pipe.  Most places sell the Y-pipe with the mid-pipe.  Also, most places sell these for mucho dinero ($600+).

Now, I have a CNT catted 3″ downpipe now, as well as Nameless axleback muffler deletes.  I found an aftermarket mid- and y-pipe for under $300 but that set is 2.5″…I’d rather have 3″ all the way back, not 3″ tapering to 2.5″, but I don’t think I’ve a choice in the matter.  Well, I do, but the next choice is $600+.

I still need to install the CNT downpipe…it’s been sitting in the garage in it’s box the last 2 years.  There’s really nothing keeping me from installing it other than utter laziness.  I really should get it installed soon.

My next purchase needs to be deep socket lug nuts.  The OEM lugs work fine with the OEM wheels, which I still use with winter tires in the winter.  They work fine with the TSWs functionally, but they’re difficult to install without scratching the wheels.

I should also consider looking under the car to ensure the suspension bushings aren’t damaged.  I thought I saw one that was cracked the last time I swapped the wheels out this past spring.

Updates done!  🙂