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Another Press Release Review – 2015 Subaru STI


I liked this review much better than Motor Authority’s review that I posted about earlier. They focus much more on the STI (as they should) than it’s little brother (WRX).

Here’s what I gleaned from the review:

  • SI Drive now has memory (it apparently stores the settings in memory so that you’ll no longer have to place the car in S# every time you start the car).
  • Has a totally different suspension setup than the WRX (inverted struts?)…apparently handling is has improved a good bit.
  • Understeer has been dialed out…no more turning and the car continuing straight off the track (and you can actually see some slight oversteer at the beginning of the track session, in the Cork Screw).
  • Many people think the 6-sp transmission hasn’t changed…it hasn’t but it has been improved upon (the shift linkage now offers more ‘positive’ shifting).

I’ll try to post more as I find them.