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Instagram Has Been Killing My Accounts

I created my third Instagram account in February 2023. My first one got nuked with no notice. I’m not sure why, because it was automotive-affiliated, had nothing but car photos, and wasn’t really used all that much.

I opened my third one so that I could visit Alpha Foxtrot’s Instagram account. You need an account to browse and read comments. Beyond visiting that one account and viewing the photos of firearms (I didn’t leave comments or upload any photos), I didn’t use the account.

I tried to log into the account today and found that the account was suspended after not being used maybe 3 weeks and no activity that violated usage of the account. There was no posted reason as to why it was suspended. I was given the option of disputing and I took it, after which I was immediately able to log into my account. I looked at the account status and there is no hint that it was suspended. I also looked at my account’s activity (to determine if it was hacked), but it was empty of activity logs.

Either someone suspended the account because of it’s name (username is ‘r2kbaaa’) or because of me viewing firearms.

WTAF. So, someone can post photos of firearms and that’s fine, but a person can’t view those same photos?? Or, no one can use any username related to the right to bear arms?

Those aren’t grounds for suspension/deletion per their acceptable usage policy. I can’t ask about it because I refuse to navigate their pages to try to find a way to converse with a moderator (Instagram is owned by Meta, which also owns and was/is Facebook).