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What Forums Do I Frequent?

I’m not sure if you guys are curious as to what internet forums I frequent (in relation to Subarus), but I’m a member of the following forums:





i-club.com (registered tonight)

Of the above, IWSTI is my favorite by far.  ClubWRX is the next favorite but I rarely post on that particular forum.

Regarding NASIOC, I mostly read there.  I’ve a post count of 2.  In my first post, I immediately had a run-in with Unabomber…he tried to be a dick to a poster regarding a him asking questions about a Setting Saver (Unabomber said they were non-existent) and I provided a link showing that they indeed existed.  Unabomber never responded.  This berating of new Subaru owners turned me off and I stopped using that forum as a resource.  I’ve only just started using it as a resource again.  There’s a gold mine of information there (there’s so much of it that it’s rather disorganized).  And they’re extremely rough on anyone that’s not deemed part of the popular crowd.

I’ll be reading up on i-club.com the next few weeks, just to see how it compares to the other forums I frequent.  It is not a quiet forum, so I might actually find good info there…I’ll let you know.

I usually go by either ‘unixfool’ or ‘NoVaSTI’ on those forums.

EDIT:  I forgot about Flat4va.com, so I added it.  Also, I registered on i-club.com and the site gets a fair amount of traffic, as it’s been around awhile, but on a day-to-day basis, it’s a bit quiet.  Also, most of the traffic appears to occur from California users. Does it matter?  It depends on what I’m looking for.  It’s obvious I can’t use that site to arrange local meets or ask if anyone has local parts, but for general information, it may suffice (it’s certainly no NASIOC or IWSTI, though).