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Batman Slap Memes

Do you ever get tired of those guys commenting on 2015 STI videos and articles that continue to say things like:

Ew — looks like a Corolla


Looks like an Evo


No hatch, no sale…

Those are really annoying to read and really offers no value to a conversation.  I get sooo tired of the drivel comments because WTF cares about another person’s interpretation of how this car looks…it’s ALL subjective, even the hatch debacle.  It’s obvious that not everyone cares about the Corolla/Evo/hatch comments because the car is selling very well (to the point that there’s a problem with dealer markup). So, to blow off some steam, I went to one of those meme-maker sites and created a few meme responses to the stupid comments:


1002692_10100639452778701_359609693_n 49269880

The following one wasn’t created by me (I saw it on Facebook):