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Cobb Tuning – They Dyno’d a Ford Focus RS!

The above was a Cobb Tuning live video session that occurred today.

They dyno’d a Ford Focus RS.  The car was stock.  In fact, they dyno’d it four times.  The first two pulls were with the stock tune.  The latter two pulls were with a Cobb AP tune (stage 1).

The guy in the video stated that he’d heard that a lot of people were thinking the car was overrated from the factory and that they wanted to test to see if it was true.

[SPOILER ALERT – Stop reading now if you’d like to watch the video to see the results!]

Well, the first two pulls netted 301 WHP and 340 lb-ft of torque.  The last two pulls netted 313 WHP and 360 lb-ft of torque.

Now, my concern is that current RS owners say they aren’t getting full boost on a consistent basis (ie, they’re not getting the full power on demand, every time they run the car hard).  Yes, different atmospheric  conditions will dictate how well the car runs, but if your car is only generating 250 WHP when you want the full Monte, that’s a problem.  The cars are probably dialing back boost when ambient temps are high.  The Cobb test car was run in Texas, where it’s in the low to mid 90s today.  The dyno testing didn’t see any anomalies but their testing isn’t what the mag publishers’ test numbers are showing.  The mag publishers are showing discrepancies (the cars are not generating what it should, HP-wise).

Cobb needs to test more, IMO.  Or maybe they don’t care enough to investigate further…after all, it isn’t their problem.

Regarding the HP numbers of the dyno runs, the car saw rather significant gains when going stage 1, but this car is already putting out serious amounts of power.  How much more before the car either stops generating nothing but heat (or a thrown rod or cracked piston)?

Need A Stock Part but Don’t Care For Dealer Pricing?

If you need a stock part (maybe you’re going back to stock for emissions testing or because you’re trading the STI), but don’t want to deal with dealer pricng, I found a decent salvage yard that has a good internet presence.

Oak Leaf Salvage is located in Wisconsin but will ship parts.  They’ve a basic and advanced internet search feature, as well as an image search feature (in case you don’t know the name of the part).  For parts that aren’t showing up in the search queries, a contact form pops up that will allow direct correspondence with the salvage yard.

This particular salvage yard does have decent Subaru exposure (they post to IWSTI).

I’ve used salvage yard parts before.  I had a Mustang that burned out a power window.  My dad got a motor from a salvage yard that was local to him and I had it installed by a mechanic.  Never had an issue with that window again.  Salvage yards usually verify that the parts work.  If the parts are electrical, they can be tested with multimeters — if the part is mechanical and doesn’t have damage, it should work.

This is another parts option that I thought I’d share.  If Craigslist or eBay isn’t working out for you, try this place or any local salvage yard.

ReBlog – Subaru EJ25 Repair


 The OEM head gaskets on the EJ25D have a tendency to fail just as much as the sun has a tendency to rise in the east.  If you have one and the head gaskets have NOT been replaced, here is what you need to do to remedy a tragedy.

This is a pretty interesting article to read if you’re a gear-head and crave quirkiness…yes, the boxer design is quite quirky.


2015 STI – DGM Photos


UPDATE:  I’ve also added more STI photos into galleries (by color).  I’ve posted about them here.

I posted this one mainly because they include pictures of a DGM (dark grey metallic) 2015 STI.  Those are not commonly found in pictures.  I think the coloring is awesome, especially with the silver BBS wheels.  Note that this is not a Launch Edition — those are only in blue (WRB – world rally blue) with gold BBS wheels (as well as a slew of other interior options).


2015-subaru-wrx-sti-side-back-angle-610x406-c 2015-subaru-wrx-sti-rear-2-610x406-c 2015-subaru-wrx-sti-front-angle-2-610x406-c 2015-subaru-wrx-sti-right-side-610x406-c