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Subaru still considering a five-door version of its new WRX – Motoring.com.au

From Motoring.com.au:


Don’t give up hope for a hatchback version of Subaru’s new WRX just yet.

That’s the message from WRX Project General Manager, Masuo Takatsu, who told motoring.com.au at this week’s Australian launch of the fourth-generation model that a five-door body style was still under consideration.

I shared a very similar article back in Feb regarding Subaru possibly working on a hatch version.  The more news we hear of this, the stronger the possibility that this isn’t just a rumor.  Me?  I’m not a hatch guy but I’ve no problem with a hatch version existing, as long as it doesn’t water down the platform as a whole (divided attention does tend to make for a less focused product).

Also note that the article talks mainly of the WRX.  I’m not sure if this will trickle to the STI variant.