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2015 STI with WRX Trunk Lid!

There’s a story behind the below article and I’ve asked Road & Track to clarify (on their FB page).

Apparently, a rear wing on a 2015 Subaru STI must’ve broken off, because Subaru replaced it with a WRX trunk lid (that’s an assumption of mine).

And, of course, that spurred some pretty ridiculous comments on their FB page. People call the rear spoiler ‘gaudy’, or ‘rice’. The wing is actually functional, for one. As well, every USDM STI sedan ever made has a rear spoiler. A spoiler-less option has never existed (ie, you can’t request that the dealer remove it).

IMO, an STI isn’t really an STI without a spoiler (unless it is a hatch). And, as mentioned in the FB comments, an STI without a wing is like Batman without a utility belt.