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Car fixed

So, I’ve been driving around with a driver-side rear wheel that had a stripped lug stud.  That meant that I was driving with only 4 of 5 lugs on that wheel.  That’s normally not a big deal, until it’s time for the annual state inspection.  I kept putting off doing the repair (because, while it’s not difficult, it is time-consuming, as it requires removing the wheel hub).  I took it to a local shop and they were able to do it, to the tune of $200.  They called me to let me know the “damage”, as they thought that it would be a quick change initially.  I knew that the work would be a bit significant, so I was prepared for a $180 bill.


But at least it’s now done.  And I had them knock out the state inspection as well.


What’s next for me?  I’m awaiting for the first hint of snow, then I’ll put on my winter wheels/tires.  I’m delaying because I don’t really want to take off my new wheels (the winters are ugly, but functional).  From there, I’ll try to schedule the windows to be tinted.