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Aftermarket Heat Shields

I posted earlier about my turbo heat blanket research and my findings.  I mentioned in that post that I would look at aftermarket heat shield solutions.  My plan is to use both a good turbo heat shield and the turbo heat blanket.

My choice will be one of the following:

Nameless Performance Downpipe Heat Shield

CB Titanium Heat Shield


The Nameless Performance example is normally $85 (subject to change, obviously) but there’s also the option of a ceramic coating, which adds $40 more to the cost.  There are also free color options.

The CB example is fully titanium and is $4 more than the Nameless version.

I’m obviously biased since I’ve several Nameless products on the car already (a Nameless product would better fit the current motif, and with the option to add different coloring, I can better coordinate a desired look).  I’ll more than likely go Nameless, but I wanted to mention the CB option, since they’re close in price and because titanium is one of the more exotic materials to use.