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Bought a Jeep!

The wife and I bought a 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0L last weekend.  Not surprisingly, it has 169,000 miles but is in good condition, other than some rust I’ve discovered.    About the only immediate care it needs right now is new tires (already on order…OEM sizes in all-season flavor for now) and a couple of lug nuts.  The soft top is new, so there’s no worry about leaks and such, although we’d actually been looking for a hard top.  It has a tow hitch (which is great…I can use it to tow my motorcycle, but I’ll have to get a cheap trailer).  Oh, and the headlamps aren’t the brightest…wondering if one is new and one is old, which means I could replace the old one with a new one, which might help the brightness.  My wife said when I was driving behind her that the driver’s side lamp is bright and the other isn’t…that might also mean that the lamps need to be aligned.

I’ll admit that I haven’t driven my STI all week because of the Jeep.  I’ve been trying to spend time with the Jeep to give it a thorough shakedown since the wife and daughter will be driving it regularly…I (and they) need to be able to trust it, which means I’ve to drive the hell out of it and ferret out any issues.