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2017 Mazdaspeed 3 Possibility




Officially, Mazda will comment on none of this, but the new car will almost certainly be turbocharged, offering output somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 horsepower. All-wheel drive is a possibility. The starting price should be somewhere around $30,000, suggesting Volkswagen Golf R levels of performance for loaded–GTI money.

Wow, this is good news.  It means there’s another WRX/STI competitor and the list of competitors is broadening.  Additionally, on the horizon is the Ford Focus RS and the Golf R, with both having AWD.  This will probably spur Subaru to be more competitive…it’s either that, or they’ll begin to lose market share.  I’ve no problem buying a non-WRX if Subaru doesn’t want to compete (the only thing I’ll probably miss is the great resale value). I’ll also link Car & Driver’s FB posting on this topic:

Post by Car and Driver.

2015 VW Golf R – R&T First Review!

Item of note: the DSG model of the 2015 Golf R will supposedly do a sub 5-sec 0-60…the 6-sp manual will be in the low 5s (5.3s or so).

As well, apparently, this car won’t ship until very late this year or early next year, due to the fact that this car is being built exclusively in Germany (the GTI is built in Mexico, and ships to the US quicker).

R&T also states that the 3-door version may actually be produced for the US. That’s not particularly a big deal for me (I’m not really interested in a VW at this point in time), but some people are wanting that model.