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Wrapped DP!

So, I finally found a local place (Advance Auto) that carried the wrap and supporting items. I spent the last few hours wrapping the DP. It had me cussing the whole time, mainly because it was difficult to wrap the cat because of the way it expands beyond the diameter of the pipe and then tapers back down. Starting the wrap was easy, but around the cat and the end part of the wrap…JEEZ. I ended up just tucking it. I left the excess on the end and will trim it off tomorrow.

I used plastic ties to hold the wrap in place. I’ll either remove them after the paint dries or let them melt off after installing the DP.

Again, I know that it’s a no-no to wrap a cat. I really don’t have any choice and I’ll continue trying to figure out how to protect the CV boot. If I discover how to do protect the boot, I’ll remove the wrap…since I’m spray-paining over the wrap, it should protect the pipe under the wrap.