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Flow-matched Fuel Injectors

If you’ve ever done research into upgrading your fuel injectors, and are looking for a used set, you’ll occasionally see someone saying, “make sure they’re flow-matched”.

Were you ever curious as to what that means?

Look at this video:

In the above video, initially, the spray pattern is being observed, with the injector on the far right turned sideways to see the spray pattern at a different angle.  These are Subaru WRX injectors (so said the author).  The injectors are being run at different RPMs and are not yet clean.  At the end of the observation, the injectors were statically tested.  At the end of that test, 3 of the injectors were flowing 95-96cc while one was flowing 92cc.  3 are within flow specification while the other is not.  His plan is to apply a 20-minute ultrasonic soak to the set in the hopes that the injector with the lower flow will increase it’s flow (the soak would probably clean out any build-up/gunk in the injector).

The above video shows the results of an ultrasonic cleaning and a back-wash to remove any build-up within the injectors from the first video.  Notice that after the static flow test, the injector with the hangup now has a measurement of 96cc, matching at least 2 of the other injectors (the last one is still at 97cc but is probably within spec).

Yes, I saw that he quoted the measurement of the 2nd injector being 92cc in the first video and 93cc in the second video.  Probably a (small) gaff on his part.

I thought these two videos were pretty cool.  I’m a geek like that!

I found the videos while trying to find videos on how to perform an injector swap on GR/GV STIs.

Oh, and by the way, going big on injectors….requires a tune.  The stock ECU cant calibrate itself to adjust for larger injectors — source is here, under the “Questions” tab, and is the answer to Question #3.

Rally Sport Direct’s 2015 WRX & STI Review

I’m going to let this video speak for itself, but Rally Sport Direct (RSD) has both a 2015 WRX and a 2015 STI that they’ve recently reviewed.  The review is more off-the-cuff in nature (it is not a technical review by any means). They’re also a good vendor to purchase parts from, too.

Without further delays, here it is!


2015 Subaru WRX STI: Everything You Need To Know — AFTER/DRIVE

This is the best 2015 STI review I’ve seen yet.

Why? Because it’s an honest review that explains where the real improvements are and how those real improvements translate into a great track experience.  It discusses things such as the stupid comments about the lack of a hatch…it discusses that issue with tact.  It discusses the active torque vectoring and shows a great example of how such tech helps drivers on track (there’s video footage of it kicking in when a driver is overshooting the apex of a corner).

I really liked how the three guys discussed the car and how they were rational when discussing the differences between the STI and WRX.  They gave solid feedback on why the STI was the overall better buy (not better value buy).

I highly recommend watching this video if you want see an unbiased and frank review.

Bucky Lasek Picks Five Speed Demons To Go On A Ride

Video topic: Bucky Lasek picks five speed demons to go on a ride they’ll never forget, in one unforgettable car. Which car is it? The 2015 WRX!

The video is also linked here.

The Fast Lane – 2015 STI Press Release Review

Yes, I’ve yet another (rave) review of the 2015 STI.

No, I don’t agree with everything said, but I can appreciate their interpretation of the new car. The most I appreciate is the lack of whining of there being no hatch, it’s looks, and the fact that they’re still using the EJ257. As well, it was money when he said that the WRX and STI were like “night and day” different and that they are not the same and that there’s so much more to the STI than the $10K difference between it and the WRX. I need to copy that last sentence and paste it to IWSTI and other social media car sites, because it needs to be repeated!

I did not agree with them that it was probably not a good daily driver. I also didn’t care about their comparison of the WRX (they didn’t beat that dead horse as much as Motor Authority did in their review, though).

The video is below:

Motor Trend’s Mini-Video of the 2015 Subaru WRX

Now, this specific video irritated me.  The other Motor Trend reviews (the WRX and Focus ST comparison and the CVT WRX review) were much better and he didn’t go off on some media vendetta in those videos, although there was a bit of it in the CVT review of the WRX.  This one irritated me so much that I left a rather nasty comment on YouTube about it:

+Jonny Lieberman kinda irritating that you keep mentioning the lack of a hatch in your video.  You wasted a LOT of time in that video harping on shit that has nothing to do with the car that you’re driving in the video.You’ve a rather subjective hangup and it marred the review…if you can’t stay objective about things, maybe you need to let someone who doesn’t have a Subaru background review the car?  Review the freaking car and not Subaru’s motives…if I wanted that, I’d keep reading the B.S. on NASIOC.  We already know the hatch is gone and we already know Subaru’s decision on why…no need to keep stirring that pot (too much stirring screws up the dish).  Loved you in the other reviews of this car…hated you with a passion in this one.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on this, as I know the hatch fans have been bitching about the lack of a hatch since last November.  It’s time to move on, though.  It’s kinda late for Subaru to change their minds and it will probably take a very long time to get another hatch on the drawing board.  No, it is not as simple as most people say it is…those people have no understanding of designing a product and this isn’t as simple as cutting up or adding material to the sedan’s structure…trust me, if that were the case, there wouldn’t be the issue of a lack of a hatch.

Lieberman pissed me off because he immediately went on this “no hatch” tirade and wasted valuable video review time.  Then he was saying like, “Subaru alienated 50% of their buyer base”.  No matter what decision they made, they’d have had to cut some fat somewhere…it it weren’t the hatch guys that would’ve been pissed, it would’ve been the sedan guys.  With my project management experience, I understand that in order to have a bang-on end result, sometimes we have to give up some things as the price for success.  Too many people (and journalists, obviously) live pipe dreams and tend to want things their way, without compromise or exception…that’s sometimes a real problem in today’s society and is probably why us Americans have so many issues that most countries don’t have.  It’s sad.

I hated Lieberman’s whining so much in this video that I feel he tainted the whole video.  I was iffy on if I would even publish it here…I hated it that much.  For someone with his background, he’s awfully whiny about the lack of a hatch.  He claims he owned the original USDM WRX (which, ironically, wasn’t a hatch, although they did have wagon versions).  He also beat the fuck out of the proverbial dead horse by mentioning how ugly the 2015 WRX was (another highly subjective comment).  You know, I’ve seen better reviews on Jalopnik (and that isn’t saying all that much).