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Subaru has confirmed its all-new WRX will make its world debut at the Los Angeles motor show next week (November 20), and now can reveal the higher-performance STI version will break cover at the Detroit show in January.


As well:

The WRX will be powered by a revised version of the current model’s EJ25 2.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder boxer engine, pumping out 195kW of power and 330Nm of torque – around the same as the outgoing model (195kW/343Nm).

The STI, on the other hand, will employ the same engine but with tweaks to bring its outputs to 224kW and 393Nm, making it marginally more powerful than the current STI (221kW) and putting its torque peak between the existing model’s two different outputs, depending on transmission (350Nm auto, 407Nm manual).


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Mod comments:

I’d thought that I’d read in previous articles that the WRX and STI would be getting a 2.0L flat-4 engine.  The article states that both will have a 2.5L (which would be retarded, since the US has been having ringland issues with the 2.5L).  I’m not a fan of the current 2.5L engine.  Subaru has had a history of issues in tuning 2.5Ls in the US (to meet emissions standards), so the cars have a really bad tune from the factory.  As well, the 2.5L is not rev-happy (and banging off the rev-limiter is one of the things one shouldn’t be doing with the bad tune problems, possible fuel rail problems, and the suspect metallurgy of the pistons.  I’d be open to getting a 2015+ STI if it had an engine that wasn’t prone to blowing up!

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