The five best ski cars of 2013

The five best ski cars of 2013 – Road & Track


You should read the article. I have no idea who compiled the list, but the listing is rather odd. There’s only one car that might actually be capable of tackling snow-covered roads without having snow tires fitted (the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8). I’m rather surprised that a Subaru didn’t make that list (in fact, no AWD car did, besides that $$$ Benz).


What’s funny is the comments on R&T’s Facebook page. Most people are saying that AWD cars are the only cars capable of driving in the snow. That’s not true. I drove a 1987 Dodge Colt for 3 years while living in Colorado, on all-seasons. That car was FWD. I had no problems driving in mountains or in bad blizzards while traveling to Wyoming from Colorado Springs. I’m not talking about a light dusting of snow, either. I’m talking about 1+ feet of snow, and in some cases, it accumulating faster than the plows can catch up (and some places wouldn’t be plowed until the snowfall was over). Now, a FWD car with snows still won’t drive like an AWD car, but it is far more capable than most people think. Also, I tend to see far more AWD/4WD vehicles in ditches in the winter than FWD cars…just sayin’.


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