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This site is meant to share my thoughts on Subarus, especially the WRX and STI models.  This site will discuss cars that could be stock, modified, and street-illegal.    You might even see non-Subaru topics.  There are no lines of demarcation.  Being open-minded is conducive to learning.  It’s meant to be a happy place where I can show pictures of my car and other cars with zero negativity.

Negativity, you say?  Yes.  I’ve always had people tell me that they think Subarus are shitty, or that they are just another ricer import, or that they’re for lesbians.  Then there’s the guys that rage about the fact that most Subarus have Hella Supertone horns and call it rice.  Usually it’s people who watch too much Fast & Furious, are under 18-yrs-old, or are redneck musclecar lovers.

Let’s talk more about rice.  My view is that a 300hp car that has as much technology and is just as capable as a Mitsubishi Evolution is NOT a rice mobile.  If I add Supertone horns to this car, it’s not automatically rice.  Not every mod has to be about performance.  Now, if I’m always duct-taping the seams on the exterior of my car, or if I’m sticking V-TEC stickers all over, or if I’m installing a giant wing on the back (bigger than the stocker, which is already rather large) and I’m not planning on visiting a track…yeah..that’s rice.  I can install nice fog lights on the car, a nice stereo and/or speakers, nice wheels and tires, and an axleback exhaust and still have a seriously capable car.  In fact, I can probably get away with installing that duct tape and still be very competitive…just sayin’.

I’m not into large amounts of negative camber.  I’m not into the hella-flush scene, either, although I’m not going to talk bad about a lowered car.

I don’t care if you think Subarus are rally cars…they’re NOT. They’re rally-inspired, which is a huge difference…take your car to get serviced when the undercarriage is covered in mud and see what they tell you.  Also, notice the warnings within the operators manual…you’ll see tons of “do not go off-road” warnings.  There are also no skid plates under STIs (some Outbacks may have them…that’s a totally different car than the STI, though).  See here, here, here, and here for examples of “it’s a rally car” responses on IWSTI.

I just wanted to share the negatives above, just so the air is clear.  You can do whatever you want with your car.  You can think how you like about your car.  Car owners will always treat their cars as extensions of themselves by treating them like artistry…each person has a unique perspective on this, but to keep it real, no one will ever have a monopoly on what’s best for our cars…leave that to the individual owners.  If I don’t like a certain brand of car part, car, or even style (like stance), I’m certainly not going to talk bad about it or look down upon it…try to do the same for others that might not share your view.

Enjoy the site!

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