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I bought a 2011 Subaru WRX STI sedan in the fall of 2011.  I bought it used, since I was having a difficult time finding a new one.  Every time I called a local dealer about an example on their website, it would be gone by the time they returned my call, so I decided to look for low miles used models.  I like the older models more (GDs 2005-2007), but also wanted a car with a warranty.  Also, cars that old are more difficult to get financed, which is another reason why I focused on as new of a car as I could.

I found two that were local to me that had approximately 5000 miles.  Both were 2011 sedans and both were DGM in color (dark grey metallic).  The only real difference between the two was that one had an aftermarket stereo.  My intention was to look at both cars, but when I looked at the one with the stock head unit, I decided to pull the trigger on that one (the other car was in transit from Charlottesville and wouldn’t arrive until the next day).  I could’ve waited to look at the one that was in transit, but my experience in shopping for STIs had taught me that they don’t stay on the lot long — there was a chance that I would’ve been stuck with the last car I looked at and since the first one I looked at was pristine, I bought it.

Now, my plan is to keep the engine stock, but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stay with that plan.

NOTE:  As of 12/10/2013, I’ve tentatively decided to modify the engine.  I’ll be getting a Cobb AP and Nameless intake in addition to other items.  I’m still iffy on if I should do this, but I can always revert back to stock if I change my mind (or run OTS with no mods).

My current car mods are:

Mods present but awaiting installation:


  • Go Pro Hero 2 Motorsports Edition mini camera
  • Astak CM-7500 Action Pro mini camera

My mod wish lists are as follows:

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