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I Did Some Debadging

I hadn’t planned to do it today, but ended up removing a badge from the trunk of my car (and removed a dealer sticker too).

I was outside and had just finished some yard work when I stopped to do a quick walk-around of the car (I do this from time to time).  I went to a car meet this past Friday and there were a few WRX and STI owners there.  I saw that the majority of people had done some level of debadging and I’d thought about it for awhile but never got around to it, so I immediately started toying with the dealer sticker.  It came off easily but left very sticky glue residue on the trunk.  I was able to get it off with WD-40.  I then looked at the “Impreza” badge and decided to see how tough that one would be to remove (because badges are more than just stickers).  That was a LOT tougher to get off.  I ended up using dental floss to cut the badges off but that left not only glue residue the material that the glue sticks to.  It was a BITCH to get that off and I didn’t have any Goo Gone, although I did have something similar to it (just not as strong).

Here is a “before” pic:



Here are “after” pics:


20140504_174943_HDR after_debadge

I will more than likely remove the “SUBARU” badge next, or the line below it (Symmetrical AWD).