Nameless Performace CAI has arrived!

20140422_151637_HDR 20140422_151718_HDR 20140422_151741_HDR 20140422_151822_HDR 20140422_151507_HDR 20140422_151554_HDR 20140422_151614_HDR

This is the Nameless Performance cold air intake (CAI) that I ordered a month and three weeks ago.   I’ve been waiting for this a long time.  At first, I was upset because I thought that most of this was pre-built, but after making a complaint to Jason (of Nameless), he e-mailed me stating that they were almost done building it.  I did a mental double-take.  Then, when I received it, I got a good look at the craftsmanship…it’s good enough to where I can mount it over my fireplace (I’m not joking).  It’s almost a work of art.  The close-out is powder-coated.  If I’d have known it would look that good, I’d have maybe chosen another color.  I opted to have the MAF housing as black in color.  Overall, it looks great!

I’ll probably end up mounting it a week before my protune is scheduled.  No, this CAI doesn’t need a protune, as it is compatible with Cobb’s AEM OTS tunes (although, a protune would be more efficient/safer).    If I could, I’d get the car dyno’d and tuned before the parts are mounted and afterward, but I can’t/won’t.  I’m also still mulling over getting an e-tune.  I’ve a few e-tuners in mind, but will need to get the low RPM stumble fixed (there’s an online mod how-to here).

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