First Image of 2015 Subaru WRX Revealed

Perhaps we shouldn’t feel so let down by the first image of the 2015 Subaru WRX; we had to know the futuristic, three-dimensional LED headlights and myriad other cool show-car trinkets of the WRX concept wouldn’t make it to production. Yet we dared to believe differently, and thus do feel let down.

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First Image of 2015 Subaru WRX Revealed, Looks Pretty Much Like a Hot Impreza [2013 L.A. Auto Show]

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Here’s are pictures from the R&T article…they updated it with the below pictures, from FB group CluBRZ, and then the pictures disappeared.  The source was probably asked by Subaru to remove it – that’s speculation, though!  Someone at IWSTI stated that the below pictures are confirmed to have been leaked.  Wading into the rumor mill, I actually believe the rumor that the pictures were leaked…that doesn’t mean that the pictures were meant to be for public consumption (remembering that they were pulled from the CluBRZ site).  Apparently, there is Impreza badging on the below pictures, which means that Subaru hasn’t developed a new platform for the WRX and STI, which wouldn’t be as they’d promised the public.  Again, the Impreza badging doesn’t mean they’re lying…it could be that the below pictures are mule-state pictures, which could be why they didn’t want them released.

And this is why I hate rumors…it can easily become a twisted mess to determine what’s true and what’s not.

Current IWSTI criticisms —

One thought on “First Image of 2015 Subaru WRX Revealed

  1. I'm Rick James, Bitch!

    Man…a lot of the Subaru crowd don’t get it. There are a TON of complaints on C&D’s, MT’s, and R&T’s Facebook and G+. So, you don’t like the looks. May as well get of that real quick, because Subaru doesn’t care. WRXs and STIs have always been a bit hard on the eyes (same with the Evo). To expect them to change now…you’re smoking weed. In fact, the complaints happen every new generation, and what happens is, people grow used to the looks.

    Does it look bad? No. In fact, the above pic looks very mature (and that’s probably why people hate it). People keep calling it a Corolla. If that’s a Corolla, I want one…seriously. If anything, it looks like a baby Legacy. The only thing I don’t like about it are the 17″ wheels (I’m 90% sure those are 17s), the same size as the current WRX. They need to bump the wheel size to 18s, IMO, because it throws off the looks of the car…or at least make it an option.

    I’m betting the STI will look much better than what’s shown in the picture, especially with 18s and a fat wing. It also might look better with wheels that are other than black/dark.

    I’d definitely purchase one if I were in the market (still paying off my 2011), *IF* it had a more bulletproof engine…still awaiting word on what they’re going to use (some type of blown 2.0L flat four) and what power the WRX and STI will make.


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