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The 2019 Toyota 86 TRD Special Edition Doesn’t Get More Power, and Honestly, That’s Fine

So, I checked FB today and saw this at Road and Track’s page:

I honestly haven’t even read the article yet (will do so soon) but immediately went to the comments section, because I knew there would be guys insisting they know how to build a better sports car than Toyota or Subaru.  Well then, if that’s the case, you’d think there would be many more cars better than this (while also being at an equivalent price point) on the market already.

I’ll update the post once I’ve read the actual article.


So, the article is saying that if people want more HP from the 86, they should just wait for the upcoming Supra.

GT86 with 2JZ engine – Quarter-mile run

I saw this on G+ and when I read the initial caption, I immediately said to myself, that’s not a GT86…

It is, but in shell only, as it has a 2JZ engine (Toyota Supra). When you start swapping engines, your car is no longer what it once was.

As well, the video was rather boring…it had two minutes of fat that shoudld’ve been trimmed by the author (mostly drag strip posturing/posing). The car ran a low 10-sec quarter-mile, but I expected it to, with a modified 2JZ.