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2015 Subaru WRX & STI – Cars 101

Ever had statistical questions about the Subaru WRX and/or STI?  Cars101.com can educate you.

The site even has pictures of various options on the cars.

I haven’t checked yet, but I believe that the site may even cover many more makes and models.

What I’m currently reading is the 2015 WRX/STI section.

Instagram for this site!

I’ve created an Instragram site just for this blog:


I’ll be adding pictures as I take them.  I’ve a ton of pictures already, but they’re archived and not on my phone or tablet, so it may be counter-productive to add those images.  Most of what I add will be of Subarus, but the images won’t always be of STIs and WRXs; I plan to add other car makes as well.  We’re all car lovers at heart…at least true enthusiasts are.

I’ll also be adding a Pinterest site…gonna see if I can bake them off to see which is better (gonna skip Tumbler for now).