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LEDs for Subaru STIs?


If you like the clean light that LEDs produce, there are many places online that provide the proper parts for your particular make and model of car.

I initially bought LEDs from Precision LED but one of them burned out for some reason.

When I bought from Precision LED, I bought the following:

  • Interior Base Package (2 maplight bulbs, 1 dome bulb), Cool White (8000K)
  • License Plate LEDs (Qty: 2), Crystal White (6000K)
  • Trunk LED (Qty: 1), Crystal White (6000K)

I’ve ordered another (license plate LED), as well as an extra, but from a different place, SuperBright LEDs.  The particular type I ordered is here.  I’ve not yet compared the two bulbs.

If you’ve an STI and are interested in upgrading your bulbs to LEDs, here’s the STI parts that SuperBright LEDs has to offer:  http://www.superbrightleds.com/cat/led-vehicle-replacement-bulbs/vehicle/2011-subaru-wrx%20sti-sedan-/59-1140-37-/

EDIT:  So, I replaced the blown Precision LED bulb with the SuperBright LED and left the other Precision LED bulb in the housing, just to see if I could get a good comparison between the two.  The SB LED is a LOT brighter, so much so that I might have to put them both in, just so the lighting doesn’t look ‘off’.  I’ll see if I can capture it on video, but here’s an evening picture comparison, with the SB LED on the left, above the lighthouses: