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The Fast Lane – 2015 STI Press Release Review

Yes, I’ve yet another (rave) review of the 2015 STI.

No, I don’t agree with everything said, but I can appreciate their interpretation of the new car. The most I appreciate is the lack of whining of there being no hatch, it’s looks, and the fact that they’re still using the EJ257. As well, it was money when he said that the WRX and STI were like “night and day” different and that they are not the same and that there’s so much more to the STI than the $10K difference between it and the WRX. I need to copy that last sentence and paste it to IWSTI and other social media car sites, because it needs to be repeated!

I did not agree with them that it was probably not a good daily driver. I also didn’t care about their comparison of the WRX (they didn’t beat that dead horse as much as Motor Authority did in their review, though).

The video is below:

Driving.ca and Road & Track – Press Release Review of the 2015 STI


This one doesn’t contain a video, but has lots of pictures, as well as text dialogue.  It’s pretty much a blow-by-blow of the Mazda Speedway drive (Laguna Seca).


The above link doesn’t contain video footage either, but shows absolute praise of the new STI.

R & T’s Facebook post of their review is here:


Another Press Release Review – 2015 Subaru STI


I liked this review much better than Motor Authority’s review that I posted about earlier. They focus much more on the STI (as they should) than it’s little brother (WRX).

Here’s what I gleaned from the review:

  • SI Drive now has memory (it apparently stores the settings in memory so that you’ll no longer have to place the car in S# every time you start the car).
  • Has a totally different suspension setup than the WRX (inverted struts?)…apparently handling is has improved a good bit.
  • Understeer has been dialed out…no more turning and the car continuing straight off the track (and you can actually see some slight oversteer at the beginning of the track session, in the Cork Screw).
  • Many people think the 6-sp transmission hasn’t changed…it hasn’t but it has been improved upon (the shift linkage now offers more ‘positive’ shifting).

I’ll try to post more as I find them.

Press Release Review of 2015 Subaru STI


Motor Authority and a few other e-mags have gotten their hands on the 2015 Subaru STI, conducting driving sessions on Central California roads and Leguna Seca. I’m not sure if I like Motor Authority’s article, though, because they talk more of the WRX than the STI. Car enthusiasts are already aware (or should be) of the WRX’s capabilities…we don’t need to hear of them in an STI comparison and the same thing didn’t occur within the WRX’s review.

Also, note that this isn’t a full review…this was still more of a glorified press release (the gamut of typical review tests were not run).

Of note, the review didn’t hint of overly abundant understeer or any glaring problems that should’ve been sorted. This actually wasn’t a bad review to read if you can focus solely on the STI-specific content.