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2015 WRX Vs. 2015 STI – Motor Authority

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This wasn’t a bad article, but to be honest, there have been so many that state the same things that I get a bit bored when reading them.

The few sentences/phrases that jumped out at me (I’ll state why):


As for the STI, it starts about $8k higher than the WRX, but it adds more standard equipment, and becomes a considerably more serious performance car.


This statement is golden, as it states exactly why there’s a price difference between the two models. They are NOT the same and were never meant to be competitors, yet mags keep comparing them instead of comparing them to the competition. This is a big peeve of mine, because articles such as this just stir arguments that are already heated into fire soup. The mags should be comparing the WRX to previous WRX models and it’s old and new competitors. They should be doing the same with the STI…comparing it with the previous models of STI, and also comparing it to it’s competition.

If you like the pricing of the WRX and consider it the best performance car for the money, get the WRX — just don’t think that you’re getting a cheaper STI, because you aren’t…you’re getting a faster and quicker WRX. If you want even more performance, get the STI.


Vast differences in performance—and WRX holds an edge in drivability


This above was actually a caption, but it deserves to be so. There is indeed a vast difference between the performance of the two. As was in years past, the WRX will (and probably always will) be the best at daily drivability. That’s not saying that the STI is extra-harsh, but it can be if all you’ve ever driven are cars that have plush and cushy rides. I drive my 2011 STI daily and don’t consider it to be a harsh ride, but I’m a car nut…my wife is not. She reminds me constantly that the car is low, that the car is stiff, and that the car has a harsh ride, but she drives a Honda Odyssey daily.


The gearboxes for both models might look the same at a very quick glance, but the WRX gets a cable-shift linkage for its lighter-duty six-speed transmission while the STI gets a heavier-duty gearbox as well as a more precise (and expensive) close-ratio unit with parallel-rod shift linkage


This is another ringer, IMO. There are way too many people out there thinking that the 2015 WRX got the same transmission that the STI has. NO, no, no, no, no…..and no again. It basically has the same transmission that it had in prior years, just with an extra cog. It is cable-actuated. It will not stand up to the same abuse as the STI gearbox. Just because you read that C&D did 14 high-RPM clutch dumps doesn’t mean that the transmission is bullet-proof, and most consumers won’t be treating their car with such abuse…if anything breaks, SOA will deny any associated warranty claims.

I’d suggest that anyone that has questions about the differences of the two cars should read this article, because they’ve done a good job of highlighting the cars’ differences.

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1972 VW Beetle powered by Subaru STI engine!



This car is very unique. It is a 1972 VW Beetle in shell only, because it has a Subaru STI engine (an EJ207, specifically), as well as some Porsche 911 parts! The engine is tuned to 325 HP. It is a non-US car, though.

Road and Track – Dyno Tested: 2015 Subaru WRX vs. 2015 Subaru STI

The article doesn’t really allude to much more than what’s depicted on the dyno charts.

The STI has the higher peak numbers, but the WRX pretty much overshadows the STI on the charts. It makes power much quicker than the STI (due to it’s twin scroll turbocharger and equal length headers/manifolds, more than likely). This tells me that the WRX will be easier to drive day-to-day. The dyno charts actually look a bit disturbing, as the WRX surely lords it over the STI on those charts.

And what’s ridiculous are the peak torque measurements for the WRX:  It’s making more torque than the STI and at a lower RPM:  245 lb-ft @ 3850 rpm vs 243 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm.  Is the STI experiencing parasitic drain due to it’s diffs? It had a 32 lb-ft advantage per the manufacturer’s crank measurement…that just disappeared.

And then you see the 5-60 MPH (rolling start) test results for both: WRX- 7.0, STI – 7.1.  That’s the more telling measurement.  It shows that the power-to-weight ratio isn’t really all that good, when compared to other cars in their price ranges.

The STI does the 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, while the WRX lays down a 5.2 result. For the quarter-mile, the STI runs a 13.3 @ 102 MPH; the WRX runs a 13.7 @ 99.5. And what’s really funny is the top speed for both: both are electronically limited, with the STI topping out at 155 and the WRX topping out at 174 (I’m pretty positive that’s a typo).  EDIT:  R&T stated the following — “That line, in fact, was supposed to be cut from the final draft entirely. Editing snafu. We’re putting in a strikethrough and adding a notation. Thanks for pointing this out, guys.”

The FB post is here:


A teaser article is here and pertains to de-winging an STI (this is not new news…there are many de-wing threads on STI and WRX forums on the interwebz).

TFL – 1 Hour Long 2015 STI Presentation

From The Fast Lane YouTube Channel:

The 2015 Subaru WRX STI is a Rally race car that you can drive on the street and even more importantly use as your everyday ride. If you are ready to geek out on the STI….this is the video for you. If you love Power Point presentations that go into the smallest details…..this is the video for you. Ready or not here’s another TFLcar exclusive video that tells you more than everything you ever wanted to know about the new Subaru WRX STI.

Bucky Lasek Picks Five Speed Demons To Go On A Ride

Video topic: Bucky Lasek picks five speed demons to go on a ride they’ll never forget, in one unforgettable car. Which car is it? The 2015 WRX!

The video is also linked here.

Nameless – CAI for GRs/GVs Released!

So, Nameless Performance finally released their new cold air intake for GR/GV models.

c though! I’m not sure I want it, now, but I may purchase it anyways…gotta recrunch my numbers, because I’ve a budget of $2000 for mods this year (including a protune). $300 may put me over the budget limit.

Now, what’s cool about this intake is that it is compatible with COBB’s AccessPort Off The Shelf Stage 1+/2+ Tunes for the AEM or COBB Intake. Also note that a tune is required to run this (and any) intake.

Also, the the cost can escalate, as you can customize this intake’s coloring. The coloring options are listed here.

2015 STI with WRX Trunk Lid!

There’s a story behind the below article and I’ve asked Road & Track to clarify (on their FB page).

Apparently, a rear wing on a 2015 Subaru STI must’ve broken off, because Subaru replaced it with a WRX trunk lid (that’s an assumption of mine).

And, of course, that spurred some pretty ridiculous comments on their FB page. People call the rear spoiler ‘gaudy’, or ‘rice’. The wing is actually functional, for one. As well, every USDM STI sedan ever made has a rear spoiler. A spoiler-less option has never existed (ie, you can’t request that the dealer remove it).

IMO, an STI isn’t really an STI without a spoiler (unless it is a hatch). And, as mentioned in the FB comments, an STI without a wing is like Batman without a utility belt.

The Fast Lane – 2015 STI Press Release Review

Yes, I’ve yet another (rave) review of the 2015 STI.

No, I don’t agree with everything said, but I can appreciate their interpretation of the new car. The most I appreciate is the lack of whining of there being no hatch, it’s looks, and the fact that they’re still using the EJ257. As well, it was money when he said that the WRX and STI were like “night and day” different and that they are not the same and that there’s so much more to the STI than the $10K difference between it and the WRX. I need to copy that last sentence and paste it to IWSTI and other social media car sites, because it needs to be repeated!

I did not agree with them that it was probably not a good daily driver. I also didn’t care about their comparison of the WRX (they didn’t beat that dead horse as much as Motor Authority did in their review, though).

The video is below: and Road & Track – Press Release Review of the 2015 STI

This one doesn’t contain a video, but has lots of pictures, as well as text dialogue.  It’s pretty much a blow-by-blow of the Mazda Speedway drive (Laguna Seca).

The above link doesn’t contain video footage either, but shows absolute praise of the new STI.

R & T’s Facebook post of their review is here:


Another Press Release Review – 2015 Subaru STI

I liked this review much better than Motor Authority’s review that I posted about earlier. They focus much more on the STI (as they should) than it’s little brother (WRX).

Here’s what I gleaned from the review:

  • SI Drive now has memory (it apparently stores the settings in memory so that you’ll no longer have to place the car in S# every time you start the car).
  • Has a totally different suspension setup than the WRX (inverted struts?)…apparently handling is has improved a good bit.
  • Understeer has been dialed out…no more turning and the car continuing straight off the track (and you can actually see some slight oversteer at the beginning of the track session, in the Cork Screw).
  • Many people think the 6-sp transmission hasn’t changed…it hasn’t but it has been improved upon (the shift linkage now offers more ‘positive’ shifting).

I’ll try to post more as I find them.